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Waikiki Beachfront Show More

Bali by the Sea
2005 Kalia Road
808-949-4321 Expensive
House Without A Key
Reader rating: 3.0 out of 5
2199 Kalia Road
808-923-2311 Inexpensive
Rainbow Lanai
2005 Kalia Road
808-949-4321 Inexpensive
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Honolulu Show More

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2330 Kalakaua Avenue
888-525-5116 Moderate
Don Ho's Island Grill
1 Aloha Tower Drive
808-528-0807 Inexpensive
Apartment 3
1750 Kalakaua Avenue
808-955-9300 Moderate
Ka 'Ikena
4303 Diamond Head Road
808-734-9499 Moderate
Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch & Crab
580 North Nimitz Highway
808-545-7979 Moderate
Soul Cuisine of Hawaii
3040 Waialae Avenue
808-735-7685 Moderate
3660 on the Rise
Reader rating: 3.0 out of 5
3660 Waialae Avenue
808-737-1177 Moderate
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Waianae 85-080 Waianae Valley Rd.
808-696-7989 Moderate
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
3133 Waialae Avenue
808-735-1813 Moderate
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
970 Ahua Street
808-834-8848 Moderate
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
377 Keahole Street
808-396-3885 Moderate
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
2320 South King Street
808-951-8333 Moderate
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
550 Paiea Street
808-839-1111 Moderate
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
4618 Kilauea Avenue
808-732-4042 Moderate
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
111 Sand Island Access Road
808-843-1806 Moderate
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Waikiki Beach Show More

Chief's Hut
Reader rating: 3.0 out of 5
2169 Kalia Road
808-924-4992 Moderate
Sam Choy's Diamond Head
Reader rating: 3.0 out of 5
449 Kapahulu Avenue
808-732-8645 Moderate
Sunset Terrace
2335 Kalakaua Avenue
808-971-3595 Moderate
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